Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Musings..

So last Saturday we did our long run in the cold rain.  11 miles and the last 3 were pretty miserable.. Both of us are wondering why we live in Ohio?  I ask myself this every winter.  I don't understand why I choose to remain in a place where I am miserable 3-4 months out of the year?   This Saturday,  we have 12 miles on the schedule and right now the weather is predicted to be in the high 20's with wind chills near zero and an inch of snow on the ground???   WTF ?  But if you want to do a spring marathon,  you have to put the miles in and 12 miles on a treadmill is mind numbing.  So the plan.. for now... is to run to Blue Ash Rec center which is just about 4 miles away... go in and do 4 miles on the treadmill to warm up.. and then run home...  We shall see..

But before I looked at the weather,  we had planned on going up to Buckeye and run with the group up there.  Since Valentines day is around the corner,  I wanted to make cookies for after the run.. so VEGAN sugar cookies it is!  I have made this recipe 5 times over the last year for different events, and this is my new favorite thing.   These turn out perfect,  taste amazing,  the dough is EASY to work with,  and start to finish I can knock these out in a little over an hour.    Aren't they cute?

And yes.. I have already eaten several.. so I need to get them out of the house!  I will deliver them to Buckeye today,  in case I'm not brave enough to run up that way tomorrow.  For some reason it's about 5 degrees colder in Mason than Blue Ash???

And another random note..I am a Converse shoe addict.. I don't know what it is about these dang things but I love them.  Here's the deal,  I wear a size 12 woman's shoe.  Given my shoe size and the size of my hands,  if I had been born a man,  let's just say I would be the envy of the locker room...  But I digress... As a person who wears size 12 women's shoes.. my options are pretty limited most of the time.   I can spend a hundred bucks and find cute flattering shoes,and I do stalk Nordstrom Rack,   but for cheap shoes I pretty much have Payless as my only outlet.  Enter Converse.. almost all of their shoes are uni-sex,  and like Nike,  you can customize your shoes and make a pair that no one else has.  Every time I wear one of my 5 pairs of Converse,  to work.. with dress pants mind you... I get complements..

So 2 years ago,  Converse came out with a line of Dr. Seuess shoes.  I didn't find out about this until a year later,  and sizes were limited...I found the cutest pair for my new nephew.. but I couldn't find the ones I wanted in my size.. Until last week!    Now I can't wait until next December, when I am pretty much going to be wearing these for one whole month...  ta da!