Monday, December 19, 2011

Random Thoughts and Trying Something New

Ahhh Christmas.  The time of year when people's driving sucks even more than usual and when sweaters that should have been burnt years ago are now proudly sported everywhere and called fashionable.  Lest my sarcasm confuse you let me reassure you that this isn't another post filled with reminiscing about the "good old days" and talking about the unappreciative youth of America.  I like Christmas and I like presents.  Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or depressed.  How can you not help but fist pump in triumph when you beat other shoppers and find that one perfect parking spot close to the mall entrance?  And you can practically taste victory when you manage to score free shipping and a coupon code on that item for Aunt Sally.  Christmas can manage to bring out the best and worst in people, but while driving around looking at Christmas lights, I focus on feeling the Christmas spirit (while harshly judging tacky light displays).

But Christmas aside, I did want to post the first of what will hopefully be weekly(ish) posts as mom and I delve into new workout routines.  We have both been really bad these last few months and are looking to drop some weight in 2012 and get back on track.  While running will still be our thing....five marathons on the books for next year (more info to come)!!  We both recognize that we need to cross train more and try new things.  The fitness world is chocked full of classes and we have decided to venture into this strange and crazy world by trying one new class every week.  Luckily a lot of gyms close to us offer a free trial class so this will hopefully be a cheap way to sweat off some weight and probably make complete a$$es of ourselves in the process.

This weeks attempt: Pilates for Runners.  Now we have both tried Pilates in the past and found it to be a great cardio workout.  Unlike the yoga classes I have taken where flexibility and head stands are called for, Pilates seems to be more of a toning and strengthening workout.  I am particularly looking forward to this class as it is taught by a marathon runner who promises to make you a "faster more efficient and injury free runner."  Who wouldn't want that!  So mom and I will be jumping in the car this evening to head out and try Pilates for Runners....I'm anticipating lots of grunting and potentially some uncontrolled laughter as I struggle to do sit-ups.  I'll be sure to post our thoughts after class!

UPDATE:  So we made the trip downtown to Pilates and all in all really enjoyed the class.  Kristine the instructor was very methodical in her approach and rather than jumping from one position to the next, really took the time to explain the reasoning behind each move and how to position your body.  Also, because this was tailored to runners, she spent a lot of time working those muscles that are frequently weak in runners.  Once again I was surprised to find myself sweating during this class as the movements are so minute and to the outsider it probably looks like we are all lying on our backs struggling to tie our shoes.  Oh well, Pilates for runners was fun and we will be sure to update you all on our next exercise adventure! 

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