Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Row, Row, Row Your Boat (WOW #3)

So after ballet class and pilates, mom and I decided we would try a new fitness class offered by the Cincinnati Rowing Club.  Billed as a low impact cross-training class, we went in with a little familiarity with rowing machines having used them for warm-ups during cardio workouts. 

The gym itself is a pretty low key building.  It shares the space with an Irish dancing company and when we entered were greeted by the site of 10 year olds jigging like crazy.  The No Limits Rowing class is a combination of rowing drills, weight training, and core work and we started with a short warm-up followed by intervals of weight lifting and then rowing.  This was overall a pretty good workout.  As total newbies the instructor did give us some minor corrections in regards to form which really helped in getting a smoother pull and release.  I kept waiting for the sound of a drum and a little skinny pirate guy with a whip to come out and yell "row ye bastards."  Alas no such luck.  

By the end of the hour our shoulders were burning and I'm sure if we kept up with the class we would start looking like these guys....

All in all a good workout and definitely something different than our usual running routine.  

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  1. A good abdominal exercises, maintain the AB Roller properly with both hands and thrust it forwards and backwards using your abdomen.