Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vermont - Who Knew?

So we headed to Providence on May 19th to attend Abbey's Graduation (great weekend...I'm .so proud of my baby girl!)  and of course when your attempting to do the 50 marathons in 50 states,  as Lindsey is.. you look for a marathon.  Just so happens the same weekend was the Shires of Vermont in Bennington VT.    Marathon Guide gave it thumbs up last year (it's inaugural running...)  so away we go!  No half marathon option,  so this time I got to be a spectator and supporter.  Very happy as it ended up being in the 80's and HILLY (aka Mountainous) . But I was jealous as I drove her to the start line, that I could not join in this weekend.  Lindsey can do the race recap.. this post is just to comment about how lovely the state of Vermont is.

I had no idea.. having never been to this area of the country before.  Vermont.. if you didn't get so dang cold in the winter,  I would love to relocate..

First you get views like this...I mean this is what you see everywhere you turn.

Next you meet some of the nicest people.  From the hotel manager,  to the ladies at the pizza place that we ate that evening.  VEGAN Pizza in a small town in Vermont??? Where were we?   And you know how we have the painted pigs all over Cincy? Well they have painted Moose!   I forgot.. or didn't know that Moose lived in Vermont.   Check them out!  They were too cute. 

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