Friday, May 6, 2011

How It All Started...Or A Two Year Journey Condensed Into One Post

While the blog name pretty much sums up my current status, mom thought that we should each begin this thing with a recap of our journey over the last two years. So without further ado here is roughly 720 days condensed into one blog post:

It was a day in early March of 2009 that I turned to my mother and said - "I think I am going to go join a gym." I don't remember the exact conversation that took place after this statement, but I'm sure I was probably eating cheetos when I made this comment and that it was probably followed by several supportive remarks from my mother, followed by fantasies supplied by both of us about what life would be like in slimmer bodies. If you are, or ever have been, really heavy you know what I am talking about. Fantasizes that involve shopping in more than one store, walking up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath, or entering a room and not worrying if any of the chairs will support you. Things that those skinny bitches never have to worry about.

However, unlike the hundreds of conversations we had had previously on this topic, the failed diets, the short exercise stints - this time I actually did join a gym and began working out. And one week later, my mother joined too and became my workout buddy. We traded in our stretch pants for sports bras and our snack cakes for vegetables and over the course of the last two years lost Biggest Loser amounts of weight...seriously - like a small Girl Scout troop of weight. We did it not through fade diets or stomach stapling, but through diet and exercise (damnit it works) and while our weight loss journey is by no means over, I can truly say that I have never been healthier.

So fast forward to a few months ago when a significantly slimmer mom turned to me and said "hey we should write a blog. We are funny, and maybe could give advice and writing our thoughts could be this whole cathartic experience." My initial reaction was to question her sanity as what could we possibly have to say that would be worthwhile for anyone to read? But then as I thought about it a little more and maybe grew a little more confident in myself I thought what the hell - worst case scenario no one but my grandmother reads this thing and comments. But if you aren't a relative of mine than welcome and hello. What we hope to accomplish with this blog is a melding of our exercise experiences, food sagas, daily thoughts, and priceless pieces of wisdom picked up from fortune cookies.

Get ready world as these two formerly fat chicks have a lot of time to make up for!!

- Lindsey

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