Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Conquer the Hill 10K - Race Review

  So okay,  I haven't done a ton of races... yet.... but enough local ones to feel like I am starting to become a bit of a race snob.   There are definitely things that make one race more enjoyable than another,  and Evendale's Conquer the Hill 10K checked off most of the boxes!

  Negatives, They don't use online registration or chip timing ,  BUT  their entrance fees are really low.. like  $15.00 bucks.  If they wanted to use online registration and chip timing I understand that the cost to enter the race would probably need to increase to $20.00.   I think they should consider it... because they have a great event going on.

Positives.  After 30+ years of doing this ,  they understand how to do it right.   No parking issues,  easy packet pickup the day of the race with plenty of volunteers.  Adequate bathrooms.   They didn't use a starting gun,  just a person on a megaphone,  which for those of us hanging out in the back of the start line,  couldn't really hear or understand,  but heck... I just go with the flow anyway.     Course is hilly (hence the name)  but if you live/train in the Cincy area,  you should be used to it by now right?  Lots of spectator support out on the course,  with their lawn sprinklers turned toward the runners.. THANK YOU!  It was cloudy and humid on the 4th,  and I took advantage of every last one of them.   Plenty of water stations,  that were staffed well and much appreciated,  also due to the heat and humidity.   Evendale's finest were out on the course holding back traffic,  so the course was very safe even when on the main streets.    

At the finish you were handed a ticket,  to write down you name/ race bib and your time was entered in after the fact.   (I would like chip timers)  But their total for my time and my time from my Nike+ weren't off that much.   Fruit baggies and bagels at the finish line  and a CUTE t-shirt (one of my favorites) to top off the run.

Great way to start off your 4th of July celebration.

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  1. I agree, I much prefer chip times races. I always forget to shut off the garmin when I cross the finish, so I'd never have a good idea of when I actually made it over.

    I've never heard of that race, but I'm bookmarking it for next year!