Sunday, July 31, 2011

Personal Space

  Yesterday we decided to hit a movie.  It's been in the 90's here (like the rest of the country)  for over 2 weeks, and getting motivated  to do anything productive is hard.  Headed over to see Crazy, Sexy, Love.  No this isn't a movie review...  it was enjoyable.  Not as funny as I had hoped,  and Steve Carell seems to always play the same character,  but a particular scene in the movie reminded me of one of my personal pet peeves that just happened that very morning.

In the movie, Ryan Gosling is giving dating tips to Steve Carell while they are at the gym...  Ryan is naked and standing about a foot away from the seated Steve Carell.  Just take the clothes off this picture and you get the idea...

Steve Carell is obviously uncomfortable staring at Ryan's... ahem "junk",  and Ryan is clueless... which brings me to my pet peeve.    At the gym on Saturday am,  I finished up with my swim,  and headed to the locker room to change.   the locker room has 160 lockers.. yes I looked at the number to be sure,   set in 3 bays.    Our particular area had over 50 lockers in it.   Of these 50 lockers,   2 of us were using the space on opposite sides.   I had the locker open and was over at the sinks brushing out my hair.   In walked another woman,  who strolled over to our locker area,  and proceeded to put her stuff in the locker next to mine?????  48 lockers are open.... with enough space to give you at least 4 feet of personal space,  but you choose to put your stuff in the locker next to the one I was using ,  and then stand there in front of both of the lockers getting ready to hit the gym.  In order to get to my stuff I had to say excuse me twice... and you frowned at me ... WHAT !!!!  I bit my lip trying not to be sarcastic,  but really you are an idiot.

There I feel better,  plus now I forever have this wonderful picture of Ryan,  to look at whenever I need inspiration to do more sit ups.

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